For nearly a century, Thrace Mills have produced a wide range of cooking and baking products, according to the needs of both domestic and foreign marketplaces.


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Konstantina Ouzounopoulou, CEO

"We started pilot innovative cultural programs"

Flour Mills Thrakis I.Ouzounopoulos SA" is one of the most important family-flour producer industries measuring three generations and 90 years of operation. Its main characteristics are the respect for the consumer, its close connection with the raw materials of the Greek land, the innovation, the environmental protection and its contribution to the society of the region of Western Thrace.
The company started since 2010 pilot innovative cultural programs in cooperation with Democritus University of Thrace. Today, it is working together with more than 600 producers that cultivate 35,000 acres of land in East Macedonia-Thrace and produce more than 17,000 tons of soft wheat, comparable to high-quality soft wheat imported inτο the country.
Its close cooperation with farmers, universities and research centers, enhances and revives the ancient granary of Thrace, leading to the production of high purity and nutritional value of wheat flours, from domestic raw materials, supporting jobs and income in the region, helping the economy through investment and reduction of raw material imports.

Konstantina Ouzounopoulou, CEO


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