DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry is active in the production and sale of pharmaceutical products in Greece and Southeast Europe. Its product portfolio comprises of many injectable generic pharmaceutical formulations.


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Dimitris Demos, General Manager

"DEMO is committed to Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility"

Corporate Responsibility and the continuous effort for Sustainability should be a strategic decision for any modern corporation and that’s even more the case for a national champion, like DEMO. Moreover, this is how a corporation can assure its long-term development and progress. 

For us, corporate responsibility means acting ethically on a daily basis and taking into consideration not only the progress of our company, but also the general progress of the society. We believe that responsibility is more than just an ethics guide. Responsible corporations are those who make plans on a long-term basis, invest and lean on solid basis. 

For us, responsible and thus sustainable growth means creating added value for the Greek economy and society, through initiatives that support our employees, our partners, the patients, the citizens and the environment. The pillars of our activities consist of cooperation with the local communities, innovation, exports, reduction of our environmental footprint and investment on human resources. This is how we repay to society its trusts and at the same time we create solid basis for the healthy progress of our company in the future.

Dimitris Demos, General Manager


Responsible Entrepreneurship