Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative aims to create a development model that ensures a Sustainable Economy and Society.
The Initiative is developed in cooperation with social partners from all professional sectors of the Greek society and with the participation of a large number of active citizens.
The Initiative’s strategic goal is to forge a systematic dialogue at the national level and to create methodologies and tools that would support organizations towards achieving sustainable development.

Businesses Associations




Civil Society Organizations


Local Authorities


Active citizens

We support

Organizations towards a systematic adoption of policies, processes and practices of sustainable development in their operations.


A mechanism of monitoring and registration of all the sustainability actions and programs that are developed in Greece and their link to the 17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development

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A Reporting Framework with regards to non-financial information according to EU and national legislation. A structured system of publication the responsible operation of organizations.

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Promotion of the sustainability programs and actions of organizations through the development of a social dialogue with a large number of participants.

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A reference point for all businesses with a holistic approach to sustainable development through the development of specific actions, programs, policies and processes.

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We connect & promote

Those organizations that support their responsible operation with sustainable policies and practices.

Join our Network of Sustainability

A network of leading organisations that give precedence to the adoption of sustainable practices in their business operation!

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Company Label

All companies that stand out as THE MOST SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES IN GREECE will receive a special label that they can use for all their business.

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The Most Sustainable Companies

Promotion of those leading companies in our country with a holistic approach to sustainable development that could be used as examples for others to follow.

17 Goals in order to Change the World

The Word’s Largest Lesson!

Educational Program for pupils aged 6-14 years old

We contribute to the creation of a new generation that will change the world to a better place!

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Latest News

Presentation of the Sustainability Performance Directory

Presentation of the Sustainability Performance Directory

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Globals Goals

Get connected to the 17 Global Goals! Reach out to families and children in a different way

Businesses that wish to support the UN’s educational program “The World’s Largest Lesson” can link themselves to one of the 17 Global Goals and through the educational process to contribute to the shaping of future active citizens.

Submit Initiatives

Participate in the BRAVO 2018 Initiative

Are you are a business, association, local authority or civil society organization and you have developed sustainability programs and practices? Then, submit them NOW to the Bravo 2018 Initiative

Past Events

Annual Event Bravo 2017

7 years of successful progress is closing the Institution Bravo, which celebrates and honors this year Sustainable Development Businesses

Informative Event, July 13 Electra Palace

Publication of instructions for the application of the European and national policies with regards to transparency and self-commitment of businesses.

Event, Bravo Sustainability Performance Directory

QualityNet Foundation presented with a great success the BRAVO SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE DIRECTORY

Next Event


For the first time, those businesses with a holistic approach towards the issues of sustainable development are presented and they can be used as examples to others!


Application process

Bravo Sustainability Performance Directory...

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About Us

Who We Are

QualityNet Foundation is an non-for-profit organization that connects builds dialogue with regards to issues of sustainable development by promoting social responsibility towards businesses, government institutions and the wider public...

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Framework & Goals

Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative aims, through a systematic and extended dialogue, to create a development model that promotes competitiveness…
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  • What it the Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020

    Sustainable Greece 2020 is an Initiative developed by QualityNet Foundation in cooperation with the most important business associations in Greece. The Initiative aims at informing and raising awareness about sustainable development, responsible business and social responsibility amongst the business community and society at large.

  • Framework & Goals

    Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative aims, through a systematic and extended dialogue, to create a development model that promotes competitiveness and openness in order to sustain a Sustainable Economy and Society.

  • Why to participate

    The Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020 places sustainable development at the centre as a common target and goal and context of cooperation with the total of the Greek society, the business community, the social partners, the local authorities, the civil society and the government.


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