Who we are

QualityNet Foundation (, the Network of Responsible Organisations and Active Citizens, is a non-for-profit organisation that develops dialogue and networking in order to promote social responsibility among a broad range of stakeholders from the business community, institutional bodies, the academic community, the civil society and the general public, with a view to achieving sustainable development and social cohesion.

QualityNet Foundation 

Has been active since 1997 as an open network that includes 2,850 member enterprises,360 non-for-profit organisations, 160 institutional bodies, 21,000 active citizens, while its educational activity meets the needs of 35,000 primary school students each year.
  • Fosters
dialogue with institutional and scientific bodies, the business community, the local authorities and the civil society using specialised dialogue and social networking tools.
• Documents
social needs on a national level, as they emerge through systematic research and
consultation with institutional bodies and the civil society.
• Promotes
the adoption of responsible behaviour to the general public through actions to inform,
mobilise and encourage active participation.
• Supports
organisations in adopting strategies, practices and actions that demonstrate their commitment to responsible entrepreneurship and sustainable development.
• Promotes
cooperation between public and private bodies to develop interventionist actions/initiatives that address the social needs of our time.
• Contributes
to shaping tomorrow's active citizens through its educational activity.


As part of achieving its goals for promoting sustainable development, responsible entrepreneurship and social responsibility, QualityNet Foundation develops its activities in
line with the following axes:
  • ​Fostering dialogue with social partners
  • BRAVO Initiative
  • Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative
  • Support for responsible entrepreneurship
  • Documenting social needs
  • Mediation between companies & agencies
  • Developing partnerships
  • Developing actions / initiatives
  • Raising awareness of social responsibility issues
  • Information & social networking
  • Creation of the Network of Active Citizens
  • Development of institutions to cultivate proper standards
  • Informing & mobilising school community
  • Development of educational programmes

Download the Annual Report QualityNet Foundation here.

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