Fact Sheet

Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative

  • Responds to the need of shaping a new model of development in our country that ensures a Sustainable Economy and Society, through the balanced growth of financial activity together with environmental care and social cohesion.
  • Expects to create the basis for a sustainable development strategy in our country, through a structured Public Dialogue, as well as the methodologies and tools which will support organizations to adopt practices of Sustainability.
  • Collaborates with International Organizations such as the European Commission, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) and the EIRIS.
  • Is held under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Development & Competitiveness, as well as the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
  • Ιs entirely funded from organizations/members that participate as SUSTAINABILITY AMBASSADORS.

Who is involved in the Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020

Representatives of governmental institutions, the business sector, the academic community, scientific associations, the civil society and local government.
The Initiative is supported by 33 Business Associations, 1 Social Association & 57 Companies Sustainability Ambassadors, as follows:

33 Business Associations:
The Hellenic federation of Enterprises, the SEV Council for Sustainable Development, the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, the Hellenic Bank Association, the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises, the Hellenic Association of Food Industries, Hellenic Exchanges S.A, the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Athens Exchange Group, the Thessaloniki Chamber of commerce & Industry, the Greek Logistics Company, the Hellenic Management Association, the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, the Hellenic German Chamber of Commerce, the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies, the Union of Listed Companies, the Greek Mobile Operators Association, the Hellenic Fund & Asset Management Association, the Hellenic Association of Cosmetics Industries, the Pan-Hellenic Exporters' Asssociation, the Pan-Hellenic Association of companies for the protection of the Environment, the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, the Greek Federation of Industries of Peloponnesus & Western Greece, the Association of Industries of the region of Sterea Ellada, the Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries, the Sed-Hellenic Shareholders' Association, the Association of International Freight Forwarders & Logistics Enterprises of Greece, the Association of Chief Executive Officers, the Hellas Cert, the Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association, the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Firms, the Pan-Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industry and the Crete Exporters Association.

1 Social Association: Economic and Social Council of Greece (E.S.C.)

57 Sustainability Ambassadors:

Abbvie, Amgen, Athens International Airport, BASF Hellas, Baxter, Chipita, Coca Cola 3E, Damma Holdings S.A, Demo SA, Diageo, ELLAKTOR Group, ELVAL, ENIA SA, Ernst & Young Hellas SA, Eurobank Ergasias S.A., Fourlis Group, Frigoglass, Galenica, GEK-Terna Group, Gilead Sciences Hellas, Halyps Building Materials S.A., Hellenic Petroleum SA, HERACLES GCCo, HELLAS GOLD, ION, J & P Avax Group, KPMG, Merck Sharp & Dohme, MYTILINEOS Group, National Bank of Greece SA, Novartis, Omya Hellas, OTE-COSMOTE, PHARMASERVE-LILLY, POLYECO S.A., PricewaterhouseCoopers SA, Raycap, ROCHE Hellas, SARMED S.A., S&B SA, Specifar, Star Investments, Temes Costa Navarino, Thrace Mills Ouzounopoulos S.A, Titan Group, TNT Hellas, Tupperware Hellas, Vianex, Vodafone Greece, Wind Hellas, European Reliance, PAEGAE S.A..

Which deliverables will come out of the Initiative

The main tool and methodologies that will be developed are the following:

SUSTAINABILITY OBSERVATORY: A monitoring mechanism of all the practices and the actions that are developed by companies and organizations with regards to issues of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility.

BRAVO SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS: That will reward all best practices developed by organizations and companies in Greece which contribute to the promotion of Sustainable Development, Social Cohesion and the creation of principles of responsible behavior, the development of the quality of life amongst the Greek society. 

POLICY PAPER: A paper that will contain the proposals of all participants in the Dialogue, about what should be taken into account in the formulation of a national sustainable development strategy, which promotes sustainable economic and social cohesion.

GREEK SUSTAINABILITY CODE: A practical tool of transparency and self commitment for companies and organizations across the country with regards to issues of Sustainable Development. Those organizations are invited to be connected to those issues through 20 Indicators. the Greek Sustainability Code receives know how from the European Sustainability Code.

SOCIAL NEEDS RECORDING MECHANISM: Mechanism aims to systematically record the needs of Greek society at both national and local level and promote the development of cooperation between the private and public sector for in order to meet more effectively the specific needs of the Greek society.

How can an organization participate in the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative?

The organization which are either interested in the issues of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility, or follow sustainable development and corporate social responsibility policies, have the opportunity to participate in the Initiative in two ways:

  • As simple participants in the open consultation process under the online dialogue, from Sept.15th 2014 till Jan. 30th 2015, offering their opinions and the initiatives they develop.
  • As "Sustainability Ambassadors":

Submitting their opinions and initiatives through the process of open consultation within the Dialogue, from Sept.15th 2014 till Jan. 30th 2015, offering their opinions and the initiatives they develop.
Participating in the revision of the Greek Sustainability Code starting by participating in the revision of the German Sustainability Code 

What do I gain by participating in the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative?

As collaborative members:
  • We are constantly updated on issues of Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility
  • We receive know-how and we shape together tools & methodologies, by participating in the Initiative's working groups
  • We motivate and call to action out member companies in order to actively participate in the Initiative

As organizations:
  • We establish a framework that will allow the creation of tomorrow's model for a sustainable economy and society in Greece.
  • We shape together the tools and methodologies that allow us to grow as businesses and organizations and that will give us the added value of the Sustainable Development policies we follow.
  • We cooperate with the best companies in our country and we are all together the "Sustainability Ambassadors” both at home and abroad.
  • We engage in a process of networking, along with the key players and businesses aiming to promote our views and positions, on national and European institutions.
  • We create & promote the incentives needed by the business world, so that the adoption of sustainable development policies adds value to the business function (link to the credit policies, supporting of exportation activity, positive evaluation in state competitions)
  • We strengthen the profile and prestige of each organization, with the connection and involvement in an initiative that reflects and connects with the most innovative trends of the international market.

Who can become Sustainability Ambassador and what are the benefits

Organizations interested in joining the initiative as "Sustainability Ambassadors" will need to:


  • demonstrate their commitment to the principles of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility based on specific criteria (e.g. the Administration’s commitment on issues of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, the use of Management Systems, Performance Indicators and CSR Programs & Activities).
  • accept that the information submitted to the dialogue can be used as best practices, within the framework of the Initiative
  • participate in the Initiative's working groups in order to shape the Sustainability Observatory, the Policy Paper and the Greek Sustainability Code, either in whole or in part.
  • present the general approach of the organization, in relation to Sustainable Development, in the Sustainability Observatory, with the potential to present corporate practices in national and European Sustainability Fora.
  • participate in the funding of the Initiative with the amount of 2,500 euros. This amount will cover part of the creation of methodologies and tools, and their own participation in them for over a year.

The next steps of the Initiative

1. Online public dialogue aimed at creating a Policy Paper, which will contribute to shaping the national strategy for sustainable development
2. The creation of the Greek Sustainability Code
  • Introducing an advisory committee for the creation of the Greek Sustainability Code
  • Forming working groups for a consultation with the stakeholders