Privacy Policy

<p>This policy defines how QualityNet Foundation as a controller works and preserves your personal data and is committed to protecting such data.</p>
<p>In this policy you will find information about:</p>
<li>Your personal data / information we maintain</li>
<li>Use your data</li>
<li>Save and protect your data</li>
<li>How long do we keep your data?</li>
<li>Your rights</li>
<li>Policy modifications</li>
<h2>1. Your personal data / information we maintain</h2>
<p>The personal data / data we collect comes either from you or from clients who assign a specific project to us and have obtained your permission to provide us with specific information.</p>
<p>QualityNet Foundation collects personal data when an individual:</p>
<p>It is engraved on our platform / site</p>
<p>It is written in our Newsletter</p>
<p>Participates in a conference or other event we organize</p>
<p>He participates in the Bravo Dialogue &amp; Awards</p>
<p>He uses our services</p>
<p>Communicates us on Sustainable Development issues</p>
<p>The personal data we collect is as follows:</p>
<p>E-mail<br />
<p> Full name</p>
<p>Technical information such as the IP address through which your computer connects to the Internet, </p>
<p>login information, </p>
<p>browser type, </p>
<p>time settings, </p>
<p>Information about browsing our site</p>
<p>Visitor Location</p>
<h2>2. Cookies</h2>
<p>Our site uses cookies to collect and store specific information related to website traffic statistics, the proper functioning of the voting mechanism, individual site issues, etc.</p>
<p>The use of cookies is a legitimate process, but you always have the right to disable them. Note that if you disable all or some of the cookies, the site may not work properly.</p>
<h2>3. Use your data</h2>
<p>We use this data to:</p>
<p>We support issues related to your account on our platform</p>
<p>Communicate to you the results of the competitions in which you have taken part, as well as to the ongoing initiatives and actions of the QualityNet Foundation</p>
<p>Manage internal issues of our website, such as problem solving</p>
<p>Perform statistics and analysis of the results, without mentioning the participants' data</p>
<p>Identify, if necessary, the validity of the user</p>
<p>Contact you to get your authorization to use your personal information for a new purpose.</p>
<p>In cases where we receive your data from other sources, QualityNet Foundation makes use of this data in accordance with its contractual obligations with the Agency that has provided such data.</p>
<p>Participation in surveys conducted by QualityNet Foundation as well as email updates are optional. Each user of the site decides if he / she wishes to participate in one of the above actions and at what point he / she will discontinue his / her participation.</p>
<p>In the event that illegal activity (eg electronic fraud, etc.) is detected through our website, we retain the legal right and obligation to disclose the user's data in order to safeguard the rights and safety of the QualityNet Foundation, as well as of all customers / partners.</p>
<h2>4. Save and protect your data</h2>
<p>We undertake to take all necessary measures to ensure that the data you provide us is safe. To prevent unauthorized users from accessing your data, all data is transferred and stored in a database on a QualityNet Foundation exclusive lease server.</p>
<p>By registering you choose a password that is strictly personal and you should not share it with others.</p>
<p>By entering your personal data into our platform, we assume responsibility for not allowing third parties access to your information. In cases where links to websites of other organizations are available on our website, QualityNet Foundation is not responsible for the content and security of these websites. QualityNet Foundation assumes no responsibility for the security of data when e-mailing data is transferred.</p>
<p>QualityNet Foundation staff has taken note of, and is complying with, the privacy policy, and privacy, privacy and privacy procedures.</p>
<h2>5. For how long we keep your data</h2>
<p>QualityNet Foundation maintains control mechanisms for keeping users registered data and destroying / deleting them after 5 years.</p>
<h2>6. Your rights<br />
<p>You have the right to request:</p>
<p>the modification and / or</p>
<p>the deletion of your personal information,</p>
<p>deleting you from our contact lists.</p>
<p>You may exercise any of your rights as outlined above at any time by sending us an email to [email protected]</p>
<h2>7. Policy modifications<br />
<p>QualityNet Foundation reserves the right to revise this policy in order to ensure continued compliance with the relevant legislative framework. The latest and current version of the policy will always be posted on the QualityNet Foundation website.</p>
<p>Last updated policy: 13/7/2018</p>
<h2>8. Communication<br />
<p>Our full contact details are:<br />
Quality Net Foundation<br />
138 Pentelis Avenue, PC 15234 Chalandri, Athens<br />
Phone: 210-6898594<br />
Email: [email protected]r</p>