Vodafone Greece is a leading telecommunications provider of mobile and fixed telephony, internet and TV services. Investing in digital infrastructure, Vodafone is recognised as a partner that credibly supports the needs of businesses and consumers. 


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Glafkos Persianis, Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO

"Integrity, transparency, honesty and objectivity at all levels"

At Vodafone Greece, while operating in a difficult economic environment and in a market full of challenges, we remain focused on implementing our business strategy, which forms the basis for sustainable development. Throughout our course in the Greek market, we are one of the largest investors in the country, actively contributing to the Greek economy, through a number of investments in technology infrastructure. Our investments over the last seven years, during the economic crisis, have exceeded the amount of 1.5 bn. euros.
At Vodafone Greece, our top priority is to provide innovative products and services that meet the communication needs of consumers, both individuals and businesses, in a reliable, qualitative, technologically advanced and cost effective way, while also contributing to growth and competitiveness.
At the same time, we are utilising the capabilities of our technology, to implement programs that support local communities and their people, in order to contribute to society’s sustainable development.
The implementation of our business strategy is conducted through a framework of agreed principles and values, in line with our company’s Code of Conduct, ensuring that our business activity is carried out with integrity, transparency, honesty and objectivity at all levels.

Glafkos Persianis, Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO

Greek Sustainability Code

ESG Criteria Framework Implementation

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