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The Eurobank Group, consisting of Eurobank S.A. (Eurobank) and its subsidiaries, is a strong banking group active in six countries, with total assets of €67.7 billion and 11,394 employees. Eurobank Ergasias Services and Holdings S.A. (Eurobank Holdings) is the parent company of Eurobank Group. With a total network of 625 branches in Greece and abroad, Eurobank offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to its retail and corporate customers. In Greece, Eurobank operations encompass a retail banking network, dedicated business centers, a Private Banking network and a dynamic digital presence. Eurobank also has presence in Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and United Kingdom (London). Eurobank’s philosophy focuses on providing quality services to its customers, paying attention to their particular and diverse needs. Beyond core business activity Eurobank, responding to the needs of today’s everchanging environment, consistently designs actions relating to social and environmental issues, adopting responsible practices that promote transparency and business ethics. Eurobank links its business decisions to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG).

Stavros Ioannou, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Group Chief Operating Officer (Group COO) & International Activities

"We stay true to our Commitments"

Eurobank has incorporated in its strategy business decision-making processes driven by sustainability and environmental protection and develops actions and initiatives that promote Responsible Banking, as it recognizes that its business activity affects the economic, environmental and social landscape, in which it operates.


The aim is to highlight the important advantages that this philosophy entails in terms of the positive impact business activity can have for the society, serving the common interest and actively contributing towards a sustainable development.


To this end, Eurobank participates in the global effort for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, having signed the binding Banking Principles for Responsible Banking thatexpress the Bank’s philosophy in all fields of its activity, from products and services provided, to a sound corporate governance.


The Bank participates and cooperates with Greek, European and global, significant, Bodies, supporting in practice the global effort for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, Eurobank supports the “Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative”, the Bravo Institution in the annual dialogue for sustainable development, as well as the innovative dialogue process for promoting sustainable development practices in Greece at a broader range. Eurobank has received a series of distinctions in the context of this particular institution, the latest being in 2019 in the pillar “Bravo market” for the Bank’s initiative “Innovation and Youth Entrepreneurship in Eurobank”.


Under, current, critical circumstance, due to Covid-19 pandemic, responsible entrepreneurship is being tested in practice. If we want to ensure a robust and sound business environment, capable of creating adequate and well paid jobs in the post-Covid-19 period, operational planning which, among other things, takes into account environmental sustainability, good corporate governance and social responsibility is today more necessary than ever. For Eurobank, it is imperative.


Stavros Ioannou, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Group Chief Operating Officer (Group COO) & International Activities

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