TITAN Group is an independent, vertically integrated cement and building materials producer with 113 years of industry experience. Headquartered in Greece, TITAN Group owns cement plants in nine countries.


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Dimitrios Papalexopoulos, Managing Director

"The promotion of sustainable development through cooperation, common goals and actions"

Practicing sustainable development and responsible entrepreneurship, considered today to be a best practice globally, has been an integral part of TITAN’s overall business strategic direction and operation since its founding in 1902: a clear focus on the principles of sustainable development which balances between short- and long-term goals and simultaneously designs its policies and practices to promote health and safety at the workplace, the protection of the environment and the active co-operation with stakeholders.
Today, more than ever before, we pursue this full integration of sustainability in business through our international commitments, which include our participation in the UN Global Compact Campaign against corruption and a number of special Task Forces of the WBCSD/CSI (World Business Council for Sustainable Development/Cement Sustainability Initiative), among them those for Biodiversity and Sustainable Supply Chain, which we co-chair.
TITAN’s philosophy, principles and accumulated experience form the basis on which we joined the Sustainable Greece 2020 initiative, promoting a common vision for a sustainable economy with a prospering society and healthy entrepreneurship at its heart.

Dimitrios Papalexopoulos, Managing Director


Responsible Entrepreneurship