Specifar Pharmaceuticals

Specifar pharmaceuticals ranked among the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in Greece and among the leading domestic firms with  generic and innovative medications, showing exceptional growth.


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Makis Economou, Managing Director

"SPECIFAR linked to its strategy the principles of socially sensitive - Entrepreneurship"

SPECIFAR, having covered a long and successful path in pharmaceutical industry, recognize as its priority, the harmonization of business activities with the global, social-economic and environmental concerns. 
Among the major challenges of our time, we are committed to the full and effective implementation of the Environmental Management System available in the entire spectrum of business, adopting green development solutions. 
At international level, follows the rapid economic and social developments, recognizing the need for economically accessible treatments and investing in innovation and the production of generic medications. 
Today SPECIFAR ranks among the top 20 pharmaceutical companies presenting one of the highest growth rates in the Greek pharmaceutical market, providing high quality medications to patients and customers, always linked to its strategy the principles of sustainable development and socially sensitive - Entrepreneurship.


Makis Economou, Managing Director

Greek Sustainability Code

ESG Criteria Framework Implementation

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