OTE Group is the largest telecommunications provider in Greece, and, together with its subsidiaries, one of the leading telecom groups in South-eastern Europe. It offers the full range of telecommunications services: fixed and mobile telephony, broadband services, pay TV and ICT solutions. 


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Michael Tsamaz, Chairman & CEO

"Create new opportunities for all¨"

At ΟΤΕ Group we are equally concerned with our economic, social and environmental scale and impact. 
Having built our financial robustness, we remain by far the biggest investor in new technologies in Greece. Further expanding our New Generation Networks at a fast pace we help businesses to grow and national economies to develop and prosper.
Our investment in society and in the environment remain an integral part of our business. Through our Corporate Responsibility programme, we contributed more than €2,8 million, for social and environmental initiatives. Our people remain our most valuable asset. In a prolonged crisis environment we secure employment for our personnel, while offering much-needed job opportunities.

Our customers and their needs are behind every decision we make. Our main focus is to give them the best possible digital communications experience through our technology and expertise, and develop an even stronger, more sustainable business that will create new opportunities for all.

Michael Tsamaz, Chairman & CEO


Responsible Entrepreneurship