OTE Group is the largest technology company in Greece. It is one of the top three listed companies with respect to capitalization, in the Athens Stock Exchange and is also listed in the London Stock Exchange. Deutsche Telekom holds 46.9% of OTE’s share capital and the Greek State holds 5.6%. OTE Group employs over 12,000 people in Greece and approximately 18,000 people in total.

OTE Group offers a wide range of services: fixed and mobile telephony, broadband services, pay television and integrated ICT solutions. In addition to its core telecommunications activities, the Group in Greece is also involved in maritime communications and real-estate. Abroad, the Group operates in the telecommunications market of Romania, where it offers fixed-line and mobile communications, as well as pay TV services.

COSMOTE is the unified commercial brand for all the products and services of the Group and its key message is “a better world, for all”. Its mission is to bring technological capabilities to all, so that everyone can live and enjoy at the fullest all possibilities offered now, while also building on them for a better tomorrow.


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Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman & CEO

"Create new opportunities for all"

2020 is a year humanity will never forget. In just a few months, the coronavirus pandemic changed everything on the planet: from the economy and every business sector, to education and work patterns.

The overall impact of Covid-19 on global economy and society has not yet been determined. However, this unprecedented crisis creates an opportunity for change.

Sustainable development will play a key role in the post-covid era. Protecting human health and natural environment, adopting digital solutions such as teleworking and promoting international solidarity are now a priority, thoroughly changing the way we operate.

Sustainable growth is nothing new to OTE Group. It has been part of our strategic planning and operations for many years now. The epidemic further boosted our sustainability agenda - in support of society, the economy, our environment. Since the outset of this crisis, OTE Group’s priority has been to protect its people and ensure the seamless operation of its networks and services. We took immediate action in order to facilitate our customers, enhance our national health system and support the government’s work. Our total contribution during the crisis exceeded €12 million.

Looking ahead, we want to make sure that telecommunications and technology remain a great ally for citizens and our society. To this end:

• We are forging ahead with our planned investments in next-generation networks and services, like FTTH and, soon, 5G

• We continue to take action in support of vulnerable groups

• We set new and ambitious environmental goals for climate protection and phasing out single-use plastics

• We continue investing in our people’s development, considering the emerging workplace trends and possibilities

• We intensify our efforts to enhance citizens’ digital skills

So, as we move on to the new normal, we can all be part of the digital age and create a better world for us and our children.

Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman & CEO


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