With more than half a century of life, Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies (OFET), is a reference point for both the pharmaceutical market and society, supporting them with important actions and Environmental Programs.

The innovative formulations of OFET Group industries are the most reliable ambassadors of Greece in over 65 markets internationally.

Ioulia Tseti, CEO

CEO Message

«…The imprints of the successive crises of the last decade have left their indelible mark - economic, health, social - on the country and on each one of us.

Our behavior is the one that will lead to new development models. The SARS Cov2 pandemic outrage we have been experiencing since the beginning of 2020 is not the only crisis of the recent years. It was preceded by the economic downturn - which left a deep scar on the societies and the economies of most countries - but also by the climate change, the footprint of which is already heavy on all of us, but especially on the younger generations. By our behavior, we do not harm only the Environment, but also our proper lives.

The question that arises urgently is what will happen the next day, i.e. in the future, for all of us, for businesses, for the new generation, for the planet and how we should manage the crises.

The answer is clear: Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Green Growth, Circular Economy, New Productive Model!

At the same time, the pandemic has taught us the need for countries to gain self-sufficiency and adequacy in raw materials. Because, according to scientists, it seems that in the future many more crises in health sector await us and we must be prepared. This urgent need already shows the way to acquire a new productive model and, at the same time, to focus on our Earth, to cultivate it and of course to protect the Greek biodiversity, emphasizing the cultivation of medicinal plants.

At the Tseti Pharmaceutical Group of Companies, we have dynamically integrated in our Corporate Responsibility Strategy, the protection of the Environment with actions that respect our ecosystem. At the same time, our two industries have been proud members of the UN Global Compact, the United Nations Universal Pact, since 2016, having embraced in their operation, the Principles of the Pact.


In addition, our Group prepares during this period, 9 research programs, out of which the 7 programs relate directly, or indirectly, to the utilization of the Country's biodiversity. The programs are implemented in collaboration with Academic and Research Institutions".

Ioulia Tseti, CEO

Greek Sustainability Code

ESG Criteria Framework Implementation

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