With 17 hotels in the most beautiful destinations of Greece, Mitsis Hotels has been a tourism pioneer for over 40 years now offering excellent service, great locations, impeccable facilities, sophisticated dining and a broad spectrum of options for its clientele, following  the Sustainable Development requirements.

Stavros Mitsis, Managing Director

CEO Message

We aspire to represent an innovative, social and committed brand that stands out through time, now that shifting focus from quantity to quality in tourism and striving to protect our living planet are called for more than ever. Our operations reflect our ongoing social promise and our solid path to sustainable tourism growth, our contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, our financial performance along with our major renovation investments and business projects.

With hospitality at the heart of our business, we create added value facilities and services through our rich hospitality blend for our guests, partners, stakeholders, employees and local communities. We reinforce the unique role our brand plays in people’s lives by acting as a role model for our internal and external audiences, a force of prosperity and progress, a dedicated brand ambassador of Greece and a leader in destination tourism.

We are investing in our future by looking out for new growth prospects, creating new brands, products and services, leading technology, steering sustainability and coupling our progress with the development of the local communities and the environment in which we operate. Since 2017, we have implemented an ambitious 100 million euros programme to fully upgrade our 17 complexes and services.

We march forward for sustainable hospitality with innovative ways of managing water, energy and chemical consumption. We aim to provide high quality services meanwhile staying true to our social responsibility ensuring ethos and transparency in all our operations. Our mission is to recycle 100% of the garbage we produce, go 100% green and leave zero footprint on the environment to ensure a better planet that we all deserve.

Tourism is one of our greatest opportunities to excel, both individually and collectively. We are proud that excellence is the key principle guiding Mitsis Hotels’ growth in the years to come.

Stavros Mitsis, Managing Director

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