KPMG provides integrated accounting, consulting and tax services to the Greek and international companies which operate in Greece and abroad, since 1971.


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Siana Kyriacou, Partner & COO

"Trust, transparency, and responsibility towards society"

For us in KPMG, Corporate Responsibility (CR) constitutes a major part of our business activity as we clearly recognize our responsibility towards society and the environment.
Our main focus is sustainable development, which cannot be achieved without trust, transparency, and responsibility towards society.  Our main concern is our people, society and the markets in which we operate as well as our clients. Through our actions and our initiatives, we support our business ethics in various ways.  
We focus on providing a pleasant and healthy working environment, on protecting our employees’ rights, while at the same time nurturing an environment where our people devote themselves and trust our firm and its actions.  Moreover, we cultivate a culture of volunteering with our employees’ participation in various activities, towards the development of our social consciousness. 
Finally, we implement various awareness campaigns to protect the environment, such as, recycling and energy saving, as well as monitoring and reducing our corporate footprint.

Siana Kyriacou, Partner & COO

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Responsible Entrepreneurship