J&P-AVAX Group is one of the largest construction Groups in Greece with adhesion to its basic principles, which revolve around human needs, the environment, and combines aesthetics and efficiency.


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Konstantinos Mitzalis, CEO

"Realizing the interaction with the local communities"

The J&P Avax group has developed intense activity in the field of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility, realizing the interaction with the local communities in which it carries out its operations.

The contribution of the group occurs in principle through the financial support of cultural and sports activities of various organizations and local communities, but also through numerous other events with primary focus on the human element. For the Company however, social responsibility is a broader concept, where the objective is not merely to support specific groups of people, but also contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and safety of its personnel, the residents around its construction sites and the end users of its projects.

In this context, the Group is moving to implement a TQM (Total Quality Management) system, which makes it a pioneer in the construction field for matters related to Quality, Security, Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Konstantinos Mitzalis, CEO

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