Hygeia Group has a portfolio of 4 Hospitals in Greece and Albania, 2 Diagnostic Centers, 1 Molecule Biology & Cytogenetics Center and a company trading in special materials and consumables.


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CEO Message

At HYGEIA, sustainable development is not just a prerequisite. It is an integral part of our corporate DNA. We perceive development as striving for continuous growth; as reaffirming our commitment to constantly pave new ways that place science and knowledge at the service of people. It is a sturdy and endless path, which takes on real meaning only when it leaves its indelible mark over time, not just the present, but mainly the future.

We know very well that being first does not necessarily make you a leader. You become a leader by how you manage your position; by how responsibly you undertake your role within society. That’s the reason why we follow a business model that is not limited to enhancing our financials, but also aspires to disseminate benefits and values within the country, based on compassion and medical excellence; a business model with the concept of responsibility – towards patients, employees, the environment and mainly society – at its core.

Nowadays, in these tough times across the globe, this responsibility becomes even heavier, as does our commitment, so that we are able to rise faster and more effectively to the multifaceted challenges presenting before us. From digital transformation and the adoption of best practices, at a global level, to the provision of leading and groundbreaking medical services, HYGEIA is continuously investing in a better future for all the more people.

Through its comprehensive Corporate Responsibility program, which is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, HYGEIA aspires to continue to stand by society, not just as an observer, but as an integral part of the social fabric. Meeting healthcare needs in remote areas of the country, raising awareness about health issues and making a direct contribution to the healthcare sector are the keys pillars on which we design and implement actions that have a substantial positive social impact.

For half a century, we are not just idly waiting for the future, but we are shaping it through the decisions and commitments we make today. Focusing on people and driven by science, HYGEIA is constantly at the forefront of developments in medicine, demonstrating that the healthcare sector is not just our job and expertise, but a living ecosystem, where we strive to be the best every single day: as Management, scientists and employees. As members of the large and powerful HHG Group family we’ve been a part of since 2018.



Responsible Entrepreneurship