PHARMASERVE - LILLY is a pioneer company at the human health sector, field of medicines, medical equipment and other products for human health with many years experience in Greece.


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Spyros Filiotis, Vice President & General Manager

"We attempt with Responsible Practices"

In Pharmaserve – Lilly, our priority is to bring high quality, life changing pharmaceutical products which meet identified needs and they offer real solutions to serious illnesses. Innovative medicines that help people live longer and have a better quality of life. Everyday we try to do everything possible to ensure patient’s access to medicines they need, while providing support programs that contribute to their education for better use of them.

But for us, the way we operate is as important as what we achieve.

All our actions are grounded in our core Corporate Values of Integrity, Excellence and Respect for People.
We attempt with Responsible Practices that they reflect our Commitment to our Values, building healthy foundations for the present and the future.

Spyros Filiotis, Vice President & General Manager


Responsible Entrepreneurship